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Little girl picking strawberries at StoneBriar Farm's U-Pick strawberry patch
U-Pick Strawberries 

A note from the grower:

After much deliberation, we will be taking a break from strawberries in 2024.  This was not an easy decision, but is due to the drought conditions we continue to experience.  We felt we were unable to irrigate our field responsibly and continue to keep our strawberries affordable for our wonderful customers.

We have every intention of returning for the 2025 season, but until then, we hope you will support our good friends Jerry and Jane Wohletz at Wohletz Farm Fresh.

They will offer both strawberries and blueberries this season as they have larger reservoirs of water than we do. 


Cut flower operations will continue this year as we grow them on a much smaller scale.

Thank you for your continued support,

- The StoneBriar Staff

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How does it work?

Strawberry Picking will resume in Spring 2025. for more information, read our update

Picking Times

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