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About our flowers

After planting a couple of cheap seed packets alongside our strawberries in 2018, Laura fell in love with flowers and didn't look back.  Through much trial and error, today she grows upwards of 35 cut flower varieties at our strawberry and flower farm each season to share with the Kansas City community.   

In addition to her thoughtfully designed bouquets of fresh cut blooms at the Lenexa Farmer's Market, she offers flower picking at Private Flower U-Picks and opens the field to the public each Second Sunday, July - October.

Why Local Flowers? 

As many as 80% of cut flowers sold in the U.S. are grown internationally. Due to legislations introduced in the 1990s, domestic flower growers have struggled to compete with producers abroad. 


By buying local flowers, you are are changing the landscape.

You are:

- supporting the Kansas City Area economy and Kansas Agriculture

- receiving the freshest blooms possible including many unique varieties that don't ship well

- lessening the environmental load of shipping flowers internationally

We are beyond grateful for your support.


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